Practitioner Portal

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Send us your Medical Documents

Starseed's registration physician’s portal dramatically simplifies the document submission process for health care practitioners and their patients. Using the portal, health care practitioners can easily and instantly register, review and renew their patient's Medical document.

If you are more comfortable with a non-digital method, you can now submit your Medical Documents by secure fax. Just like a standard fax, simply send the completed Starseed Medical Document to our secure fax number at 1-844-756-0470.

If you prefer to submit Medical Documents by standard mail or courier, kindly send to:

250 Elm St.
Aylmer, ON N5H 2M8

The Starseed System

We designed the Starseed System 2.0 to simplify the dialogue around strength and dosage of cannabis by categorizing products by cannabinoid levels. Simply put, 1-Star products are CBD dominant, 2-Star products are balanced, and 3-Star products are THC dominant.

The Starseed System