Work, Safe.

Starseed is focused on pain as a need state. We are looking to identify safe and responsible ways to manage pain while reducing dependency on opiates.

With a belief that medical cannabis can play a role in managing pain and inflammation, we went to work formulating products with the worker as our primary focus. To take it one logical step further we were one of the first licensed cannabis producers to help on board medical cannabis to a multi-employer benefit plan.

Every day we observe another worker, maker or doer that makes it through the day a little easier. Every day we see our shared vision becoming clearer. Welcome to Starseed.


The Starseed System™

Nurse Practitioner Sara Ryan discusses the Starseed System™. The Starseed System™ simplifies the dialogue around medicinal cannabis. By categorizing according to THC and CBD levels healthcare professionals can recommend strains to their patients with confidence.

Starseed's Integration with LiUNA

Rob Petroni, Business Manager of LiUNA Local 625, discusses the success of integrating Starseed's medical cannabis oil within the LiUNA community.

Starseed's Focus on Patients & Medical Cannabis

Matthew Trudeau, Starseed Medical Science & Education Liason, discusses the importance of focusing on patients and medical cannabis in the run up to legalization in Canada.

Our Products

Starseed provides whole bud, medical cannabis, and cannabis oil, and actively upholds best practices for cultivation, harvest, cure, trim and packaging. We focus on providing a consistent and reliable supply, so that once you are registered as a Starseed client, you can look forward to an ongoing, stable supply of medical cannabis.


Starseed Customer Support

We're here to make your registration with Starseed as easy and enjoyable as possible. It is our ongoing commitment to keep you informed and confident throughout the entire ordering process.

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