A Full Service Medical
Cannabis Company

  • Dedicated Client Care Team
  • Partner clinic for cannabis consultations
  • Insurance coverage and direct billing
  • High quality, diverse product selection
  • Compassionate Pricing programs
  • Same Day Shipping

The Starseed Difference

In Canada, medicine is covered. In Canada, cannabis is medicine.

Starseed is the preeminent medical cannabis producer that works with unions, employers, insurers, and everyone in need of medical cannabis to provide meaningful and socially responsible cannabis coverage. With an always-expanding portfolio of medicinal products, Starseed can help individuals and organizations move toward a brighter future by providing clinic services, education and affordable access to medical cannabis as part of our full service concierge model.

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Putting Patients First

Our knowledgeable and friendly Client Care Team is available for your support should you have any questions related to Starseed or your medicine. Available 7 days a week for your convenience, our team is here to help streamline registration, provide education, and make your overall wellness journey seamless.

Your Very Own Medical Cannabis Clinic

Starseed’s clinic partner ‘North Star Wellness’ is available for medical cannabis consultations free of charge. With 9 clinics across Ontario and a team of expert health care professionals, North Star Wellness offers in-person and telemedicine consultations for patients in need of education and medical authorization for cannabis. North Star Wellness is available for consultations 7 days a week including evenings.

North Star Wellness commits to high quality medical cannabis care. All patients receive in-depth medical assessments, individualized treatment plans focusing on safe and responsible medical cannabis use, and a follow up appointment schedule, tailored to their needs.

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Book an appointment to see a health care professional.

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Get your medical cannabis license through a clear and simple process.

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Purchase medical cannabis products directly from licensed producers.

Getting you Insured

Starseed works with you to help design and implement a medical cannabis plan that best suits the needs of individual patients as well as entire companies. We have a simple payment administration process that provides reimbursement support for the insurer, employer and employee.

Starseed System

We designed the Starseed System 2.0 to simplify the dialogue around strength and dosage of cannabis by categorizing products by cannabinoid levels. Simply put, 1-Star products are CBD dominant, 2-Star products are balanced, and 3-Star products are THC dominant.

About The Starseed System

Compassionate Care Programs

Starseed offers Compassional Pricing to patients in need of financial assistance for their medicine. We believe access to medical cannabis should be affordable for all, so we’ve extended our program to include patients with an income less than $29k/year, seniors, first responders and veterans. Those who meet the criteria will receive a 20% price reduction on all Starseed products.

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Patients with an individual annual income of less than $29,000 can qualify (20% product discount)

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Patients who are 65 or older can qualify for the senior citizens pricing offer (20% product discount)

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All First Responders are eligible to receive a 20% discount on cannabis products

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Starseed works with Veterans Affair Canada to ensure Veterans are properly discounted