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How to Read Product Labels


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Dried Cannabis 101
Starseed strives to make understanding medical cannabis easy with the Starseed System™ as a visual guide to help patients adhere to their prescribed medical cannabis plan. But have you ever been confused by the vast terminology of cannabis terms and phrases? Maybe you’ve purchased a product before, but it was not what you expected. Or perhaps you’ve shied away from products because you didn’t know what they were. Well, you’re not alone. Many medical cannabis patients have felt lost navigating their way through product details, but we’re here to help! Knowing the definitions of cannabis terms can help you be confident in making educated decisions for yourself. Use this glossary as a tool when you’ve found yourself unsure of the meaning of words or phrases used on our website. View All Dried Flower Glossary (From A to Z) Aroma: The smell imparted by the aromatic compounds present in the cannabis product. Balanced: Refers to a product or cultivar that contains varying levels of both THC and CBD. It can also be referred to as 1:1. Balanced products can help to manage a wide variety of symptoms and are labeled as Star-2 in the Starseed System. View Balanced Dried Flower Blend: A classification of a cannabis product with 2 or more different varieties of dried flower mixed together. Cannabinoid Profile: The specific combination of cannabinoids present in a cannabis cultivar or product. Cannabinoids: The chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that give the plant its unique therapeutic properties. CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most well-known and researched. The combination of these compounds leads to diverse effects depending on the specific cannabinoid profile. CBD: CBD-dominant products are labeled as Star-1 in the Starseed System. The acronym for cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties. When used in conjunction with THC, CBD can reduce the negative effects of THC. The potential therapeutic effects of CBD include reducing anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and opioid usage. View CBD-dominant Dried Flower Cultivar: A cannabis plant variety that has been bred for certain traits and characteristics. Dried Flower: The consumable part of the cannabis plant that contains a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds. Dried flower refers to the flower that has been cured and dried. It can then be further processed into different forms of cannabis extracts. Flavour: The combination of terpenes that contribute to the taste of the cannabis product. Hybrid: A classification of cannabis species that describes a cannabis cultivar that has been bred from 2 or more cannabis varieties. Hybrids can provide a wide range of effects. View Hybrid Dried Flower Indica: A classification of cannabis species that describes a female cannabis plant that is short and bushy, with short and wide leaves. To some, indica cultivars provide more sedating or physical effects. View Indica Dried Flower Pistils: The small white, orange, red or brown hairs found  on the female cannabis plant. Potency: The strength or the concentrations of cannabinoids in a cannabis product. The cannabinoids are often represented as a percentage or milligrams per weight of the product. On a cannabis product label, it can appear in 2 ways: 1. The THC and CBD content represents the amount of THC and CBD  present in the product before activation. 2. Total THC or Total CBD represents the amount of THC and CBD present in the product after activation. For products that are meant to be heated before consumption, like dried flower, the first numbers (“THC” and “CBD”) will be considerably lower than the “total” numbers because they represent the inactive state of the purchased product. In ingestible products, like edibles and capsules, and vape carts filled with distillate, however, the cannabinoids have already been activated through processing and are ready for consumption, so both sets of numbers will typically be the same. Prepared/Pre-Milled: Dried cannabis flower that has been gently ground into a milled size for convenience and ease of use. You'll find Prepared products packaged in a larger 15g pouch in Starseed's shop. Resin: The sticky substance found within the trichomes. This is where the highest concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds reside, and give each cannabis plant its unique qualities. Sativa: A classification of cannabis species that describes a female cannabis plant that is tall and slim, with long, thin leaves. To some, sativa cultivars provide uplifting, energizing or cerebral effects. View Sativa Dried Flower Strain: The term denotes a specific variety of the cannabis plant, each possessing distinct characteristics, flavours, fragrances, and effects. Terpene Profile: The dominant terpenes in a cannabis variety that works in conjunction with the cannabinoid profile to produce unique effects that are associated with different cannabis cultivars. See “Terpenes”. Terpenes: The naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants . They are responsible for the aroma and flavour in cannabis varieties and may provide unique therapeutic effects. THC: THC-dominant products are labeled as Star-3 in the Starseed System. The acronym for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant  responsible for the psychoactive effects; often associated with the feeling of being "high". The potential therapeutic effects of THC include pain relief, muscle spasm relief, sleep aid,  appetite stimulator, nausea suppressant and  mood elevator. View THC-dominant Dried Flower The Entourage Effect: The theory that all cannabis compounds work together, and when taken simultaneously, produce a better effect than if taken alone. Trichomes: Tiny, bulbous head crystalline structures that cover the surface of cannabis flowers and leaves. These tiny reservoirs house resin and cannabinoids, giving the plant its stickiness and potency. This glossary of terms was designed to empower patients, ensuring they have the knowledge needed to discuss their health needs effectively with healthcare providers and within support communities. Understanding these terms not only aids in making informed decisions but also fosters a sense of confidence and ownership in one's own therapeutic journey. Medical cannabis has a wide variety of recognized therapeutic uses, and when consumed responsibly, can be a safe, effective and natural way to manage a variety of symptoms. If you believe that medical cannabis may be beneficial in treating your symptoms, it is recommended that you consult with your Health Care Practitioner or contact us for more information.
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Veterans Support Program
At Starseed, we're committed to delivering premium medical cannabis to our patients, establishing ourselves as industry pioneers who provide exceptional care and innovative solutions to the medical cannabis community.   Veterans' Cannabis Coverage: Bridging Health Gaps We proudly extend our medical program to veterans and active-duty service members through our Veterans Support Program. Our mission is simple:  to empower veterans nationwide with accessible treatment options, education, and support to make informed decisions about cannabis use.   Effortless Enrollment: Pre-Approval & Direct Billing With our streamlined 3-step registration process, getting started is quick and easy. Once approved, we handle the direct billing process with Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) for eligible products, eliminating upfront expenses. Starseed also provides a network of knowledgeable healthcare professionals who specialize in medical cannabis. Whether you have questions about its efficacy, potential side effects, or integration into your treatment plan, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Registration Process   Affordable Access to Tailored Medical Cannabis Starseed is dedicated to honouring and supporting veterans by providing affordable medical cannabis. In recognition of your service, we will cover up to 90 grams while you wait for approval, ensuring uninterrupted access. Our commitment extends further by covering additional expenses beyond the maximum VAC reimbursement rate of $8.50 per gram for all eligible products. Applying for VAC Coverage   Compassionate Pricing for Veteran Spouses and Active Military Personnel Veteran spouses, still-serving military members, or veterans without a K number authorized to use medical cannabis will receive a 30% discount on all medical cannabis products in the Starseed store.   Empowering Patients through Education At Starseed, we firmly believe in the power of knowledge. Explore resources on PTSD, Sleep, Chronic Pain, and more through our educational platform. We are dedicated to ongoing investment in innovative products, research initiatives, educational tools, and impactful partnerships. Our relentless commitment aims to provide practical solutions that enhance health outcomes for individuals across Canada. Education Hub  Resources   A Wide Range of Products Starseed proudly offers a diverse range of premium medical cannabis products tailored to meet individual preferences and needs. Our comprehensive selection spans from topicals and convenient capsules to dried flower and vaporizers. Each product is expertly crafted with a commitment to purity, potency, and consistency. Product Guide Shop All Medical Cannabis   Our Top Priority: Dedicated Customer Care Our dedicated Customer Care Team is specially trained to prioritize and promptly handle orders from veterans over the phone. If any challenges arise, our Veteran Care agents are ready to assist in providing ongoing support, ensuring a positive experience with medical cannabis.   Contact Us Have questions? Contact our veterans support team.