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Introducing Digital Treatment Plans

Digital Treatment Plans are now available to all registered patients through your account profile.

As your medical cannabis provider, Starseed is committed to providing the resources and medical-focused products to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our new Treatment Plan feature connects patients to tailored product options and dosing instructions as recommended by your health care practitioner – allowing you to confidently follow a safe and responsible medical cannabis regimen.

A Plan Customized to Your Needs

This innovative new feature is now accessible through your account profile and includes:

• Product recommendations by time of day (Morning, Noon, Night, As Needed)
• Specific dosing and safe administration instructions
• Personalized health care practitioner suggestions based on ailments and cannabis experience
• Ability to order products from your Treatment Plan page

Please note, if you are already a registered patient, your Treatment Plan will be developed during your next consultation with one of our partner clinics.

Already a Starseed Patient? Here’s how it works

Digital Treatment Plans are now a standard part of our free consultation process. During your next consultation, the health care professionals at our clinic partners, such as HelloMD and North Star Wellness, will develop a personalized treatment plan with you.

As always, you can book a consultation to renew your medical document or you can book to speak with a nurse practitioner for general health or cannabis advice. If you would like a personalized treatment plan today, even if your medical document is not due for renewal soon, feel free to book an appointment with our clinic partner HelloMD.

Shortly after your consultation is complete, you’ll receive a notification from us that your Treatment Plan is ready to be viewed within your account profile. From there, you can purchase recommended products directly from your Treatment Plan page.

If you have questions about how to obtain a Treatment Plan or any of our products or services, our Client Care Team is available to assist you at 1-844-756-7333 or

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A Day in the life of a Medical Cannabis Nurse Practitioner
A Nurse Practitioner (NP) specializing in medical cannabis is uniquely responsible to take everything into account regarding a patient’s care. This incorporates psychological considerations, pre-existing conditions, medication reconciliation, and most of all, education. This National Nursing Week, let’s take a look together with us on a day in the life of a Medical Cannabis Nurse Practitioner with Mary Ghazarian, NP from North Star Wellness. Q: What is a typical day as a Medical Cannabis Nurse Practitioner? A: My patients come from diverse backgrounds and range in age from youth to senior, but all have similar goals to improve their health, symptoms, and quality of life. Most of my work revolves around patient assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. I conduct a thorough evaluation of past medical history, medications, and symptoms they hope will improve with medical cannabis such as chronic pain, mood and insomnia. I educate patients about medical cannabis components such as CBD and THC, potential benefits and side-effects, and methods of administration. I authorize medical cannabis when indicated and recommend a personalized medical cannabis treatment plan to alleviate symptoms. Following an assessment and medical cannabis authorization, I complete insurance forms and advocate for coverage if a patient is declined.  I see patients for follow-up to keep them on track with optimizing medical cannabis to meet their treatment goals. Q: What is the decision that led you to become a Medical Cannabis Nurse Practitioner? A: I first pursued education in medical cannabis in 2018 around the time of cannabis legalization in Ontario.  At the time, my patients from adolescents to seniors were asking questions and I wanted to have answers.  As an emerging field, medical cannabis was new, exciting, and in line with my interests in functional and holistic medicine.  Everyone was familiar with cannabis as a flower that was smoked, but other options like cannabis oral spray or cannabis extract were new for many and greatly contributed to decreasing the stigma around cannabis. I moved from part-time work in medical cannabis to a full-time when I saw my patients having repeated success with decreasing opioids, benzodiazepines, and other medications, and improving their quality of life. Specializing in medical cannabis has allowed me to focus on continuing my education in medical cannabis, to keep on top of new research, and to eliminate the barrier to personalized medical cannabis assessment and treatment which can be difficult to access. Q: In your experience, what are the main factors that make patients turn to cannabis? A: I have seen three common themes for patients seeking medical cannabis: 1) They have exhausted all solutions in the traditional medical system. 2) They were already taking cannabis recreationally and are looking for more personalized advice on how to take cannabis as a medicine. 3) Medical cannabis was recommended by a trusted health care provider, friend, or family member. All patients entering my (virtual) office are looking for something to improve their quality of life. This might be joint pain relief, arthritis pain treatment, chronic pain treatment, a sleep aid, balancing their mood, managing nausea associated with chemotherapy or addressing other distressing symptoms. No matter what factor has led a patient to me, we can work together to see whether medical cannabis is right for them. Q: What do you love most about being a Medical Cannabis Nurse Practitioner? A: My patients come from an infinite number of backgrounds, but all have similar goals to improve their health, symptoms, and quality of life. I love seeing patients in follow-up and hearing about how medical cannabis has helped them not only improve their symptoms, but to be able to go back to doing the things they enjoy like walking their dogs or playing with their grandchildren. When it comes to chronic issues like pain, insomnia and mood disorders, managing symptoms can be incredibly challenging because symptoms tend to feed into each other and it’s hard to break the cycle. Medical cannabis may not get rid of a condition, but it can decrease suffering and provide relief from symptoms to improve quality of life and that is what I love about my work as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in medical cannabis.
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Experience a new ERA of Vaping
In 2021, we added the PAX ERA and ERA PRO vaping devices to our marketplace along with a selection of compatible pods based on our renowned dried flower cultivars - Pedro's Sweet Sativa, Mango Haze, and Black Sugar Rose. View all PAX ERA Products here. The PAX ERA and PAX ERA PRO devices are two of the most technologically advanced vaping devices in the world. While very simple to operate, they are highly customizable for patients seeking a vaping experience tailored just for them. With precise temperature control, session control and consistent draw, the ERA takes vaping to a new level. Below are five frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of your PAX ERA vape: What is the difference between PAX ERA and PAX ERA PRO? While both devices are high-functioning, there are a few notable differences between them. The ERA PRO uses haptic vibration alerts, sets temperatures within one degree, comes in a range of unique colours, and is the only device capable of receiving PodID information (more on that below). The ERA uses a micro-USB charging cable (included) and takes about 45 minutes to fully charge. The ERA PRO uses a USB-C charging cable (included) and takes about 45 minutes to fully charge. The ERA PRO is the first UL-certified cannabis-only vaporizer in market. It passed rigorous tests by UL, the global leader in safety certification. Both devices are available in the Starseed online store. What are ERA SMARTPODS? Are they refillable? PAX ERA SMARTPods are, simply, the ‘smartest’ vape cartridges available anywhere today. Each 0.5-gram SMARTPod uses PodID technology, which provides patients detailed information on the concentrate inside. Using the PAX Mobile App, patients can access information on test results, strain and potency information, including its terpene profile and recommended vaping temperature. SMARTPods are not designed to be refilled, rather, to be replaced after fully enjoyed. The Pedro’s Sweet Sativa PAXSmart Pod is the FIRST PAXSmart Pod available to medical patients in Canada! What can I do with the PAX Mobile App? Do I have to use the App? The PAX Mobile App is designed to pair your device to your phone to unlock additional features including precise temperature control, LED brightness, colour themes, security lock, session control and PodID information. The PAX App is now available on Web, Android and iPhone. And yes, the ERA and ERA PRO are designed to work without the app! How is the ERA different from a 510-Threaded Vape like AURUM? For patients who prefer to vape cannabis concentrates, both the ERA and Aurum vaporizers are great options. The Aurum is compatible with most standard 510-threaded batteries and designed for ultimate simplicity. The PAX ERA and ERA PRO are designed for ultimate customization, for patients who want greater control and the ability to explore the spectrum of concentrate flavour.