Placing an Order


Starseed has no minimum order requirement. However, 5 grams of dried medical cannabis is the smallest denomination that we offer.

Click here to see the strains that currently Starseed has available for purchase.

To learn more about each strain, please look at the Starseed System.

You can order through our online shop 24/7, or place your order by phone at 1-844-756-7333. Our Customer Support Representatives are available to take your order during the following hours:

8AM to 6PM EST
8AM to 6PM EST
8AM to 6PM EST
8AM to 8PM EST
8AM to 6PM EST
9AM to 1PM EST

You may order as often as your Medical Document will allow. Under Health Canada regulations, Starseed operates on a rolling, 30-day cycle. This means that you can order your daily amount of recommended medical cannabis, multiplied by 30, each cycle. For example, if you have a recommendation for 1g of medical cannabis per day, you can either order 30g of medical cannabis in one order, or split it into two (2) 15g orders.

NOTE: Starseed is only able to ship medical cannabis on business days. As such, the first day in your 30-day cycle is always the date that the order was shipped, not necessarily the date that the payment was processed or your order was placed.

For example, if your cycle resets on a Saturday, you may place your order that day. However, the package would not leave our facility until Monday. Therefore, your cycle would not reset until 30 days after the day your order left our facility.