We make registering for medical cannabis quick and seamless. You can get started now by creating an account here.

To become a registered client with Starseed, we require a fully completed Medical Document from a registered Health Care Practitioner. You will also be required to fill out a Registration Application, which can be completed online, or printed from our website and sent back to Starseed via Canada Post.

Once you have successfully sent in both completed documents, you will be able to place your first order with Starseed. For more information or help with your registration process, please contact our Customer Support Team at 1-844-756-7333.

Yes. Health care professionals at North Star Wellness are available for online and in-person consultations. You can book an appointment here:

If you have any questions along the way, please call our Client Care Team at 1-844-756-7333.

Starseed is currently registering clients within 1-5 business days of submitting their documents online.  You will be notified by email throughout each stage of the process.

Once you are fully registered, you will receive an email containing your registration approval. Additionally, you will be contacted by phone letting you know your registration has been completed and that you can place your first order.

You may register as a client with Starseed with a valid Authorization to Possess (ATP) issued by Health Canada. You will need to submit the original document to us, at which time Starseed will verify that the ATP provided is currently valid. This may be used as an alternative to a medical document if the ATP has not expired.

The original ATP will need to be sent to:

Starseed Medicinal Inc.
P.O. BOX 279
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3L1

Please note: If you register with Starseed using your ATP, Starseed will be unable to return the original document. Health Canada requires any licensed producer to keep all original documents on file.


You can be registered with more than one Licensed Producer (LP) at a time if you are not providing the same medical document to both. To register with Starseed, we require the original medical document completed by your Health Care Practitioner.

With every shipment of medical cannabis that registered Starseed clients receive, a spare client label is provided, in addition to the one which is affixed to the bottle. This label contains relevant information regarding the client’s registration with Starseed, including their unique identification number and the amount of medical cannabis that their Health Care Practitioner instructed. This documentation can verify that a client is legally allowed to possess their prescribed amount of medical cannabis.  Clients may affix this label to the plastic, wallet-sized Starseed medical client identification card that they receive with their first order, or to a separate child-proof container in which they intend to store or transport their medical cannabis. Any time that a registered client is in possession of Starseed medical cannabis, they must ensure that they do have their valid client identification label with them.


Due to Health Canada regulations, we cannot give your original medical document back to you once you have become a registered client with Starseed.


Starseed will accept other medical documents if the mandatory information is provided, and that it meets the same criteria as the Starseed Medical Document.

A Responsible Individual is an individual who is responsible for the client of Starseed.  The Responsible Individual is required to complete and sign the Registration Application Appendix A1 for Starseed on behalf of the applying patient.